About Me

I’m a non-linear thinker,my mind wanders all over the place. Got a fluid persona. I think about life mostly in pragmatic terms.“At times I step back and see myself from the outside and ask myself, who is that guy?”

I’m a fan of my own thought process. Over time I’ve worked to get more clarity about my past and present and to unify my outside shell and soul, but it’s Ongoing….

I truly believe that if you want to make a difference in this world then you have to be different from the world. You’ll go much further if you stop trying to look and act and think like everyone else.

That the majority of people think this or that, does not necessarily guarantee the validity of their opinions.

Style is an understanding of the world around you and to have style means you can set yourself apart and be a fully transcendent being.

One day it will all make sense…



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