Junk mail, junk food and junk sex. What happened to the quality oflife in the 21st century?

IT IS A DEGRADED, DESPOILED AGE we are living in,where everything seems a corrupt imitation of what it used to be, an age where the letter has been replaced by junk mail and the blissful, restorative eight-hour kip has become junk sleep, where you toss and turn and rise from your bed exhausted.

Junk nation. Junk planet. Junk age.

The worst of the lot is junk sex -sex when you honestly wished you had saved that erection for later, sex when you pumped it up when you didn’t really need it, sex that you remember with the same indifference as last night’s takeaway curry.

Why is there an epidemic of junk sex? Because there’s just too much of it around.

Twenty-first century sex is rather like 21 st-century television -there is more of it than there ever was, but that doesn’t mean the overall quality has gone up.

Junk sex is not like real sex at all. It’s not even like watching TV.Junk sex is more like channel surfing.

What once kept heterosexual young men in line and prevented an outbreak of junk sex -were the mores of heterosexual young women. They just didn’t want it as much as desperately,as frequently, as mindlessly -as we did. 

If a boy did it all the time, he was a player. If a girl put it out, she was the Whore of Babylon.

This is what kept sex for the masses so good for so long -the basic principles of supply and demand.Even in the most promiscuous age heterosexual women were not willing to supply it with the frequency that heterosexual men demanded it.

Traditionally,women -unlike men -were ultimately choosy. That has now changed and ushered in the era of junk sex. Everybody is a slut now.

The old mating rituals of pursuer and pursued are fast disappearing.

Now that everyone is a wanton tart irrespective of gender, standards of sex have declined to the point where the average holiday shag is the sexual equivalent of a Happy Meal.

The tragedy is that a generation of young men and women is growing up witll the idea that junk sex is as good as it gets.

Now that restraint is no longer imposed upon us by women, we have to impose it on ourselves and put quality over quantity

Any man of the world knows that not getting laid is far harder than getting laid.

The thing about junk sex is that it is never, ever worth the effort.You shouldn’t have to struggle to get over the finish line. You should burst through it with your blood pumping.

It is a scientifically established fact that each generation is more promiscuous than the generation that went before it.These days, the average teenager treats a blow job like an exchange of business cards.

We’ve all had our unfair share of junk sex. It is part of growing up, part of the process of the boy becoming a man.It can, in some ways, be a positive experience because it makes you appreciate real sex with the woman you really love. 

You learn to spot the difference.

The junk sex you have had is with women whose names and faces and even existences you can’t recall. That’s how you know you had junk sex -it’s exactly like junk food. The thing you remember most is how forgettable it was.

What a chance we take when we stick our dicks into anything other than our underpants.
Pregnancy, disease, stalkers, true love, infidelity -all those things are just an erection away, It’s never worth risking all of that on junk sex.



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