It’s been a pretty laid back year for me, I wasn’t too out going because I devoted most of my time to building a new business so naturally I binged on a lot of shows in between. So here’s my top ten and what I thought of them in order of preference starting from the best.

The Walking Dead

Talk about living under a rock that’s under a rock.. Lmao. The Walking Dead party didn’t get to me soon enough. Out of sheer boredom I gave the first season a try and the rest is history. It’s not the typical zombie apocalypse story and it explores the worst that humanity has to offer. After crushing the cannibals I thought I had seen it all but the current season has a bad ass muthafucka called Negan. Simply put, this dude is the worst villain on television. I cannot wait for the show to return in February coz it’s fucking lit.

Best Quote:

Negan: Hi. You’re Rick, right? I’m Negan. And I do not appreciate you killing my men. Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people, you killed more of my people. Not cool. Not cool. 

You have no idea how not cool that shit is. But I think you’re gonna be up to speed shortly. Yeah. You are so gonna regret crossing me in a few minutes.[smiles]: Yes, you are.

Game Of Thrones

I don’t have enough superlatives to describe how epic season 6 was, what made it special for me is I returned to the very first season so I could fully appreciate how far the story has come coz it’s been 6 years since Ned Stark was beheaded. When I finally got to season 6 the momentum was colossal and the show didn’t disappoint. Jon Snow back from the dead, mother of dragons burning hot, the white walker king and his cold ass army and of course episode 9, The Battle Of The Bastards. The dopest hour of television ever and the dragons are finally going to take the iron throne and face Queen Cersei , a worthy adversary. 


The Life story of Pablo Escobar was so captivating last year and  I’m pretty sure I can spit a little Espanol now. Season 1 chronicled the rise of the Don as he ascended to the summit of the Narcos world to become the richest criminal in human history. Second season was the inevitable fall. As the world started to crumble around him you could sense the vulnerability and the fear he had to deal with. Best moment was when he burns stacks of hundreds to keep his family warm.Sad ending for the life of a king pin.I have a crazy childhood memory about Pablo, my Mom was tuned in to everything in the world when I was young. I think I was about four or five when Escobar was killed and I remember her screaming hysterically at the TV in the middle of the night when the news broke, so that moment stuck with me and watching the show carried a little nostalgia. It was crazy that I even remembered it as I was so young. 

Best quote : “I read in a book somewhere about a rich guy who goes broke. When he’s asked how it happened, how he lost everything, he answered, ‘Slowly at first, and then all at once. For Pablo Escobar,’All at once had finally come.’

The People Vs OJ Simpson

Brings back memories again. OJ Simpson was all adults talked about back in 96. I knew the whole story just from being around them. This mini series about the OJ trial is totally captivating from start to end. John Travolta, Cuba Gooding Jr and Ross from Friends who plays OJ’s best friend Rob Kardashian who fathered the undesirable lot who also feature in it as kids. Star names aside the guy who played Johnnie Cochran and the the chick prosecuting OJ stole the show. It’s an incredible dramatisation of the story making lawyers appear to be the coolest people in the world and I loved it.

Queen Of The South

This one caught me by surprise, you could call it the female Narcos I guess. This chick goes from riches to rags when her drug dealer boyfriend is gunned down in Mexico. Then she starts to work her way up the food chain doing lowly work for a ruthless woman who runs a huge drug cartel. Real life drama backed by her ‘tough as nails’ personality etc. The honey killed the role. Her perseverance and humility in dealing with difficult times without feeling sorry for herself impressed me. Cannot wait for the second season.


I saw this trending on Twitter and downloaded it when I was out of shit to watch. Quite relatable for me as a young adult. Black couple dealing with life, cheating and the basic shit that comes with adulthood. Watchable with a few corny moments but I do like shit I can relate to. I especially resonated with male character who has to deal with a demanding chick who doesn’t see the big picture of where he’s going with his life while he’s getting his shit together and she cheats on him fucking up a solid relationship etc.


This show is hilarious, refreshingly different and well written in a goofy way if that means anything. Up and coming rapper and his broke manager trying to make it through the day without fucking shit up. Simple but hilarious and low key weird, Paper Boy!!!

The Crown

My Mom was a little obsessed with Princes Diana and the royal family when I was in primary school so when I read Netflix invested a 100 million dollars into this show I was naturally curious. History has always been a favourite subject of mine and this show chronicles Queen Elizabeth’s life from just before she inherited the throne, the abdication of her Uncle and her relationship with Winston Churchill. It really goes deep into the challenges and sacrifices of being a monarch. The saying ‘Heavy is the head that wears the crown’ is the accurate way to describe it. Rich and captivating.

Planet Earth II

I love wildlife and all that weird encyclopedia shit. In another life I could’ve been a scientist or some other weird shit. I can totally fuck up a whole day watching national geographic or animal planet. Planet Earth 1 came out in 2006 chronicling animal life on different continents and terrains, captivating shit . 10 years later Planet Earth 2 is the second edition. With the advances in filming technology you really get to appreciate nature from a different perspective. There’s a crazy lizard & snake chase that went viral and some dope Eagle fight and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s remarkable stuff, a break from the monotony of regular television. They even discovered a new species of fresh water dolphins. Loved it to death.

The Exorcist

This show is scary as fuck. Acting isn’t top notch but when there are demons terrorising people, who gives a shit about the dialogue. I like religious themed horror flicks with all that dooms day end of the world shit coz it feels believable to a certain degree so I fucked with it. Scary though, reminds me of Constantine.

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