The issue of money is very important, it will be a dominant issue in your life, probably even more so than women.

How do people exploit those who have little to no financial footing? :
By big corporations promising you a career to ‘climb the corporate ladder’ for the rest of your life with a promise for retirement packages and all.What they do not say is that there is no job security today.

Politicians are very wealthy and they did not earn their wealth through income. There is no Wealth Tax. But there is an income tax because they don’t want YOU to be wealthy.

The cure from being financially exploited is:
1) Become financially literate – KNOW how to read a financial statement. Everyone needs to know how to do this. You will be dealing with money your entire life.
You will realize there are two constants in life: one is for you to make money. And second is for everyone to want your money. EVERYONE.

2) Keep open the OPTION of investing or making a business (You do not HAVE to).
But we become. stronger when we have more options, not less.
If you feel yourself incapable of breaking out and starting a business or investment, you will be enslaved to employers for the rest of your life. Just keep the options open.

3) Do what YOU want, do NOT follow the Way. What is the ‘Way’?
The Way is College -> Good Job -> Marriage -> Big House -> Vacations -> Kids -> Save for kids college -> Retire.

You do not HAVE to do any of that.There is no formula for life.

Never trust anyone who tells you that should consider yourself ‘lucky’ even if you feel unhappy in your job,with your wife/girl, or house.

Do all the above and you will die happy.

Healthiness of soul is healthiness of life.

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