This has been stuck on my bathroom wall for close to six years now.I call it my fresh code.

A positive image is one of the most effective ways to succeed. Image affects how people perceive you, along with your self confidence.

But a good image doesn’t just happen- it needs to be cultivated.

Whatever the body shape or professional environment, what you wear and how you wear it is key to confidence.

It’s about wearing the clothes not letting the clothes wear you.

Build a wardrobe that looks good and fits your lifestyle so you will feel comfortable and confident.
When you are confident you will have respect for yourself and that means looking after your physical appearance.

Exercise keeps you in shape and alert.

Manners never go out of fashion and maketh the man.When a lady comes to the table stand up to greet her. A firm handshake and eye contact projects confidence, as does clear speaking.
Body language is also important.

Sitting with crossed arms and legs says no, while an open stance contributes to engagement.

In business, know your stuff. Preparation is vital, as is listening.One can learn more by listening than forcing your point.

Lastly, do things in life because you enjoy them that will reflect the man you are.
People dig that.

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