To live is to fight, for this world is but a hurricane of challenges all aimed at you. If it ever becomes too much and you get down on your life, you will look for encouragement but you will not find it.
Everyone puts on the appearance that they want the best for you, that they want you to succeed. But in reality, the thing they least want is you to succeed.

They want you to fail! When you start to change your life, people will notice it. They will not like it. We all get used to placing people in certain ‘categories’.
You’re showing them that there is more to you than they thought. That instead of letting life define you, you are defining life yourself. You’re literally fighting for life and this makes them uncomfortable because they didn’t (and once they realize it, they know it is too late!).

Endure. All your exes will have one thing in common: ‘They want you to fail. The last thing they want is to run into you later and see you successful. They want to see you remain the same or sink lower. Endure. All the girls that shot you down: they want you to fail. Give substance to their fear.

Endure. At your high school reunion, the ones you knew will come back with secret desires of seeing failures everywhere, even at you. Defy them.
Endure. For it is the same for 99% of the people, they get grounded up into conformity and become bewildered as their lives become more and more joyless.They will feel threatened by you.
You may even want to stop your metamorphosis by how uncomfortable it is to others you knew and even for yourself. But those who stop can never realize their dreams.

The more successful you become in life, the more and more people will despise you. No one despises the innocent Nice Guy who happily takes orders. But everyone envies the one who knows what he wants and takes it, the guy who won’t be played, and the guy who manages to unite dream and day.

All your married friends… they want you to fail. They will whisper in your ear that you should do like they did. All your friends… they want you to fail.
They will confer to you that you ought to shrug off these ‘ideas’ of yours. “Live like us!” they will tell you.

Most people remain static all their lives. They do not change and cannot change. They are basically the same now as they were five years ago.
But YOU are totally different, for now you have improved and refined yourself while they stayed the same in their vaperous habits.

Imagine they are gathering in a circle around you and your life. They are all taking bets on when you will stop and fail. And when you do, they will let out a sigh of relief and say, “Thank goodness!”
People do not want you to succeed, especially people you’ve known your entire life. They want you to stay the same or fail. Their lives can only succeed by seeing you fail.

For nothing can overtake the power of Endurance! Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated failure.Endurance alone is power ultimate. So endure. We are the sum of our endurance. And we will not let others define us any longer.

Excerpts From The Book Of Pook

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