No one despises the innocent Nice Guy who happily takes orders.

But everyone envies the one who knows what he wants and takes it, the guy who won’t be played, and the guy who manages to unite dream and day.

Most people remain static all their lives. They do not change and cannot change. 

They are basically the same now as they were five years from now.

Imagine they are gathering in a circle around you and your life.

They are all taking bets on when you will stop and fail. When you do, they will let out a sigh of relief.

People do not want you to succeed, especially people you’ve known your entire life.

They want you to stay the same or fail. Their lives can only succeed by seeing you fail. 
For nothing can overtake the power of Endurance! 
We are the sum of our endurance.
Endurance alone is power ultimate. 

So endure.  


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