2008. In many ways stands out as one of the most important years of my life and essentialy the most important year for my future,It was foundational and transformational. My Personal growth was both evolutionary and revolutionary.It was a love affair with something epic.

In 365 days I fell in love, got heart broken, moved onwards dated some really gorgeous beauties and somewhere in that crazy cycle I found God..Truly connecting with God on a spiritual level that I haven’t managed to match to this day..

This also coincided with some really tough decisions that I made with great conviction mostly because my soul was in sync with the Almighty and not in a religious sense.

Those were Epic times and I came into my own, in short I found my voice,I was unflappable ,

At that time I was in Buluwayo at NUST in college and was renting a crib with some other fellas that introduced me to a little thing called entrepreneurship, the concept of business which I fell in love with it instantly.There were nights I couldn’t sleep just thinking of the infinite possibilities and if memory serves me correctly I penned my 1st business plan in less than an hour all ten pages of it.

Soon as I realized that the girl I was dating then wasn’t G for it I quickly dropped her with the 1st challenge in the relationship cause I realised I was going to be in business for life and didn’t need any discouragement early on.With the 1st cash that I got I started my own corporation Christianed it Blue York inspired by the Blue-Magic sold by Frank Lucas(Denzel Washington ‘s character) in the Movie American Gangster(probably my greatest movie of all time) and the business concepts in that flick are still the cardinal point in my business tactics.

I started a little project naive as fuck, rough around the edges essentialy with the quest to be a M.A.D.E man.With just my faith and intuition I set out on my life path.I had found my voice and most importantly I had fully devoted my life to building a business and turning it into an Empire.

Now its 2012 and I’ve held on to my dream.I’m quite seasoned to say the least, more experienced, no longer rough around the edges and most importantly I’m much WISER.

There is nothing more invaluable than experience and with that under my belt I’m gunning for the Holy Grail.The past couple of years haven’t been without their challenges cause at times the tunnel vision gets too intense and you have to shelter yourself from hate and criticism.

That takes real strength of character which is something I work on daily.

My people skills have improved exponentially.My effectiveness has taken quantum leaps.I can handle pressure.I’m very fluid and can deal with any and all types of people.My delegations work and I’ve managed and led people significantly older than me.

I can ride out just about any crisis and there’s no fear in me anymore and I can read and size people up quickly and make quick decisions.

I’m always gunning for synergy or win win.In short I’m a transitioned being and I’m just about ready for lift off.

Its been a longtime coming but right now more than ever I feel like I’m in the best place mentally just like I was in 2008.I’m 24 hours from greatness and still manage to keep my sh*t humble. And most importantly : I did it my way.

The next couple of months are going to be challenging as I make a move to launch my business full surface but it won’t be anything I can’t handle…I’m in god mode and I pray God will bathe me in all his splendour Graceously.

It’s been a tough transition but I have stayed faithful and God has reciprocated.

Indeed the most exciting thing about Entrepreneurship is the idea of cutting yourself loose from the rules and low ceilings of the straight 9-5 world.I’m not a slave to the rat race.

I hope my own vision and actions can significantly improve the prospects of my struggling country Zimbabwe and create hope and employment for many people.If I can achieve this then I’m confident I will die without regret.For me its not just about cashing in on my ideas but leaving a lasting legacy and something that will live long after I die..If I do that then I’m a M.A.D.E man and I’m sure my Mom would be proud.

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