I had Nas‘ song Cherry Wine featuring Amy Winehouse on my morning playlist.  Nasir takes his time to describe what he looks for in a woman. He waxes lyrical about the perfect life partner and aptly ends the song with the line , but where is She? Suggesting that perhaps there is no such thing as the perfect partner.

It’s a song about soulmates which is a debatable concept.

Ancient Greek mythology states that we were all four-legged creatures to start; half man and half woman. Zeus was afraid us humans would get too powerful so he sliced us right down the middle, and everybody spends their life looking for the matching piece.

I’ve always had my doubts about that love is one soul inhabiting two bodies especially when I observe relationships and marriages of older people that seem to lack any love.

Flawless partners only exist in our heads and you’re lucky to find someone who ticks all the boxes or comes close to perfection.

We are all made of flesh and blood and as a consequence we are all flawed. The key perhaps is to value each other’s differences and compliment one another.

Every time somebody falls in love, they create their own mythology to go with it don’t they? About her and you. It makes it all bigger than life. Has to be, doesn’t it?

I’ve experienced different versions of myself with different women and learnt a lot about myself in the process. My ideal woman would probably be a combination of all the women from my past.

I’ve found you can truly enjoy your experience with someone if you look past what’s on the surface.

Finding the right person is a virtue and as someone once said : No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed.

I’m still searching. I’ve come close twice in the last five years to the perfect person in my deluded mind and have had a solid relationship with no titles and pressures that was quite mature and enriching. Third time’s the charm they say. Hope I meet her soon looool.

I’m not picky, I just know what I want…

As Amy puts it in the chorus ;

I’m alone, and I realise when I get home I wanna talk to my red and my cherry.

Amy wonders where her soulmate is. Then she acknowledges that she is still alone. When she gets home she wants to get with her red (bottle of wine) and her cherry (her name for her favourite guitar):

Anyway here’s my favourite verse from the song:

I want someone who like the champagne I like
My a-alike, someone to talk me off the bridge any day or night
She teach me how to live, she ain’t afraid of life
Not easily impressed with the rich and famous life
Cause she done been there and heard all the rumours before
She love or she ride out with me on my music tour
She like the herbs, natural medicine, she cooking good
She tell me everything is cool when it ain’t looking good
For real, the world so ill, yo I want a girl so real
Who not after material wealth, but get dough still
Or maybe an educator, a lady with etiquette
Who can be from out the hood or even work for the president
As long as there’s no selfishness
Yes, as long as her love for the people is deep rooted and evident
You can be easily recruited, you’re heaven sent
Your smile put me at ease
You’re the woman I need, but where is she?

Cherry Wine | Nas ft Amy Winehouse

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