I’ve come to the solemn conclusion that time is a greater commodity than money.
Money is a function of what we do with our time.

Lost money  can be replaced yet recovering lost time is an exercise in futility.A second lost is a second gone.

Many people live through life backwards. At the threshold of youth, they look on older age with disgust, fear, and boredom.

“I must have my fun NOW,” they say. So off they go, making famine of time where abundance lies, spending their time rather than investing it.

When they get older, their future is exactly as they thought. Since they planted no seeds of talent or skill, they had nothing to harvest so their happiness starved.With this future, they think they were right because their future came as predicted. So then they spread the error by advising youth to act like they did. 

Others have been able to checkmate Time.

They see it that as one gets older, Life gets easier. So they work hard in their youth, carving out a comfortable place in the world. And as time passes, their work grows easier as does their fame.

Since they invested their time rather than spent it, talent, skill, intelligence, and ability grow in abundance.

In this life, there is no real decay and like fine wine, they keep getting better with the passing of time.

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